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Stiriti is a professionally managed research based manufacturing company. On board promoters are experts in the field of Natural product chemistry, Finance and accounts, and management. The combined management experience extends over 50 man years. We have rich experiences from Natural Extracts, dietary supplements and Bulk drug companies. Well connected to horticulturists, botanists, Organic farms and international sourcing. Quick turnaround time for research projects to manufacturing is our goal.

Stiriti Story

Welcome Stiriti

Having began Stiriti’s Business with export of Ingredients for sport supplements, quitely and quickly began our humble manufacturing of supplements – Capsules, Powders and liquids.

Today the company proudly owns a 7 acre sprawling campus with three business units

  • Laboratory Business Unit – Authenticity, Quality , Research and more..
  • Contract Manufacturing business unit – supplements as capsules, powders and liquids.
  • Extraction business Unit - Herbs, Extracts, Bledning and more...

Who We Are

Prabhu R

Managing Director

Holding M B A degree and Masters in Science (Natural Products), and with 20 years of expertise in spanning Research, and Marketing, directs the company on being research based extraction company, its market and deliveries.

Arvind T

Executive Director

Holding M B A degree, and with 20 years of expertise in, Finance, Logistics, Banking and Company affairs, directs the company’s Finanacial and cost effective functioning.

Sarvanan S

Technical Director

Holding a powerful M Phil degree, and with over 25 years of expertise in NPD, Production and Quality management, directs the company on Research, cGMP and Production optimisation. Has more than 50 products to his credit.

Business Units

Laboratory Business Unit - Authenticity, Quality , Research and more..

Laboratory team has professionals. PhDs, Masters and Bachelors in various streams of science form our team. Stiriti has invested in to the state-of-the-art analytical equipments, like HPLC (with PDA), GC (with HS) and AAS. The in-house validated AAS methods developed for various heavy metals detections in ppb is something we are proud of. Our proprietary technologies for optimized extractions of secondary metabolites of biological and medicinal importance is our key to success.

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Extraction Business unit - Herbs, Extracts, Blending and more...

Designed and executed by Pharamaceutical professionals and experts. Carefully and diligently planned for ICH and cGMP compliance programs. Special emphasis on safety of work force.

Optimized for simultaneous and parallel production of three products in dedicated extraction vessels.

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Contract Manufacture Business unit Supplements as capsules, powders and liquids and more...

The facility has pharmaceutical class clean rooms, designed as per cGMP requirements

All GMP practices are in place and professionally managed by our own independent QA team.

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Certified Organic herbs

Including Turmeric, High curcumin turmeric powder, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Pepper among others. Assured and timely supplies. Quality assured by Stiriti.

Nutraceutical ingredients

Dietary fibers, vegetable Proteins, Vegan Omegas and more...

Standardised Extracts

60 herbal extracts in making and more...

Certified Organic Extracts

Extracts made with pure ethanol , 30 ingredients and more...

Fruits & Vegetable Powders


The herbs are authenticated before taken up for extraction, by using chromatogram and spectrum analysis techniques. The qualified herbs undergo cleaning processes that ensures the external contaminations are removed. The herbs are extracted delicately, retaining the active ingredients and never subjected to extremes in any stage in processing. The protection of active ingredients in every step is ensured by standard operating procedures that are set for every action.

The manufactured extracts are examined for their quality, under the validated standard test procedures. With the effective use of modern analytical instruments like HPLC – PDA, GC(HS), AAS and others, we make sure that the manufactured ingredient is pure and up to the required standards, devoid of contamination. We use authentic reference standards from renowned suppliers of reference standards to compare and certify.